Assemble Your blokDEK in 6 Steps

1. Unpack

Unpack the pieces from the crate and separate the decking panels from the frames. The board panels will be labeled to avoid confusion. Be aware of the orientation of the bloks as most have a designated front.

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2. Plan

Decide where the levelling feet of your blokDEK will be on the ground. Once this is determined, install the 12" X 12" footings where each foot will be positioned. (This foundation needs to be level within 3"). Footings are needed for soft ground such as grass or loose sand. Gravel or concrete installations normally do not need footings.

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3. Initial Frames

Place first frames in position and turn the levelling feet until the frame is level and at the correct elevation. Lock in the position using the brass set screw.

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Black aluminum modular frames

4. Remaining Frames

The first blok needs 4 levelling feet, but each additional connected blok only needs two. Set each subsequent blok next to the completed frame. Connect the frames together using the bolts provided and level the blok using the 2 levelling feet on the other side. Repeat for the remaining frames.

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Recessed Lights for decking


5. Connect Lights

Connect the lighting plug to a grounded outlet. 

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Board Panels

Place the board panels on the frames. Simply step on them to lock them in place.

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Step-By-Step Instructions