About Us

blokDEK Founder Sean Bergman has been developing and perfecting the blokDEK product for nearly 8 years. blokDEK has been striving to fill a need in the outdoor living market: long-lasting, moveable outdoor structures that are much more versatile and sustainable than traditional wood decks.​

Sean is excited to launch blokDEK in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. He is the father of three beautiful children and a husband to Jennifer Bergman - a local entrepreneur in the events industry.

blokDEK Values & Design Principles

Through thoughtful design, blokDEK aims to revolutionize the construction industry by focusing on efficiency, affordability, and user support.

We recognize that a well-designed product not only serves its intended purpose, but also streamlines the entire construction process. Our commitment to modularity comes from the belief that customers can easily handle the installation themselves to significantly reduce on-site labour costs. 

Not every project can be completed using modular components, but if you’re in need of a high quality rectangular deck, dock, or platform- and you want it soon -blokDEK is your perfect solution!